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  • Thursday, April 04, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
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  • Make Your Next Moment of Employee Recognition Lead to Better Healthcare

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Make Your Next Moment of Employee Recognition Lead to Better Healthcare

Are you struggling to motivate your staff in the right way? If you answered no, congratulations you are an anomaly.

Humor aside, even those that do it right and well every day still struggle.

While as a modern healthcare leader you understand the value of motivating employees, you are inundated with information - and some of it wrong- on how to best raise employees up.

If an organization is telling you the key to MOTIVATING people in the right way is to exhaust budgets on monetary rewards or bonuses, you are being fed misinformation.

The single most motivating factor for any employee- especially nurses and physicians- is simple and free.

It’s just recognition for a job well done.

Join Craig Spilker, Head of Product + Engagement at AMPT, as he walks you through a webinar on how to effectively recognize your workforce to not only impact turnover but to provide safer, higher quality healthcare to your patients.

Educational Learning Objectives:

● Understand why the current state of motivating healthcare employees is built to fail.

● Find actionable ways to implement recognition programs that are actually effective.

Learn about unique ways to connect the dots between recognizing employees and positive quality outcomes.

● Calculate the ROI of implementing an effective employee recognition program.

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